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On 20th September, 2020 we hosted our second on-ground event in partnership with Ploggers Army and Extinction Rebellion. The event was conducted keeping in mind all  guidelines for the pandemic. The event was coordinated by Jacob Cherian, Director of Engagement at 

The aim of the event was to spread awareness, and promote action on World Clean-up Day. At the event there were people from the movement, including employees at Saahas NGO, a waste management startup.

We started the event with small stretches, and took a pledge to reduce plastic usage, and to segregate our waste. The difficulty in dealing  unsegregated waste was also discussed.

Fourteen volunteers took part in the World Clean up drive. Our partners described these events as bringing the community together to work together for a more sustainable future. 

The Ploggers Army is a volunteer group led by Plog Raj that is based on the global trend of Plogging that took off about 3 years ago. You can reach out to them here for any cleanup drive you have in mind for the future. Team Extinction Rebellion described it as a “fight against the tragedy of the commons” which means we as the citizens of India should take off common property together. 

The volunteers were provided with all the necessary equipment and supplies needed for the Clean up drive. Thanks for all your support which has helped us to create a progressive India – one that’s equitable, inclusive, and sustainable – built and maintained through the democratic power of an engaged citizenry. 

If you know someone proactively taking care of the environment let us know at and we will help them grow their efforts. 

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