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On 5th September 2021, on Teacher’s Day, we, along with Alhalli Lake & Neighbourhood Development Trust, The Indian Ploggers Army and Akshayakalpa Organic Milk, conducted a cleanup drive at Alahalli Lake. The event aimed at raising awareness on segregation and making better sustainable cities. 

Anand from the Alhalli Lake & Neighbourhood Development Trust and Raj from the Indian Ploggers Army were present at the venue for the cleanup drive. 

Six volunteers joined us for the cleanup drive. We collected 08 sacks of dry waste. The dry waste was given to BBMP van collectors for further processing in waste units. We collected chips packets, masks and other single-use plastics in the 2 km stretch jog. 

Lakes are made for citizen’s morning freshness and not to dump our waste. Please keep our lakes clean. Let’s start segregating waste from our home.

If you want to join us for clean-up drives or volunteer with, sign up here.

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