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Let's Talk Trash with Sahar Mansoor

On 26th May, 2021,  #WebinarWednesday we hosted Let’s Talk Trash with Sahar Mansoor, Founder Bare Necessities Zero Waste. The webinar aimed at demonstrating how we can choose better sustainable choices.

The 1-hour webinar takes us through Sahar’s early life and how she managed to build a Sustainable life. The Webinar was hosted by Jacob Cherian, with Chiku Agarwal as Chat manager. 

The Session was attended by 37 attendees. The session recordings can be found on our Youtube channel and slides. 

Beyond some of the more in-depth ideas in the session, here are some simple starter hacks for people to shift to Sustainable options:

  • Switch to bamboo or steel straws
  • Shift to coconut wool or jute scrub pads instead of plastic scrubs and loofahs
  • Make bio enzymes at home
  • Choose  cosmetics in  recycled/ recyclable packaging
  • Drop your e-waste off at Red-chakra, Croma stores, MK Retail and many more

Thanks to everyone that joined us and shared some great insights towards a more sustainable life. We also encourage you to share your sustainable step by tagging us on our social media @jhatkaadotorg and #jhatkaa_sustainability.

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