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Bengaluru Moving Cycling School

On Sunday morning, 21st Mar, 2021 we were back at Church Street MG Road which has been made pedestrian friendly for the last 3 months. This week we were back with the Cycling School Workshop that aimed at teaching women on how to cycle, repair it and how they can contribute to make Bangalore a cycling friendly city.

 Gowri Omanakuttan from Cycle School, Poojya from Pedal in Tandem and Chiku from were present at the venue. The event was also supported by the Team at DULT Bangalore.

There were about 34 people who joined us for the event to learn cycling and 8 volunteers who supported us to train the cyclist. There were about 6 women who learned to cycle in a span of 2 hours. 

The event also aimed at helping the decision makers to spread the need of sustainable mobility for a clean and better environment.

The AQI level of Bangalore is more than 50 at most of the time. Thus, if you would like to support us and would like to make Bangalore the first cycling city, then help us by signing the petition here.

If you would like to be a volunteer then please write to us with the subject as Volunteer interest. 

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