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Citizens and an NGO take action to revive the Hosakerehalli Lake in Bangalore

Bangalore was once blessed with 189 lakes but as of a study conducted by UNESCO back in 1993, only 80 lakes are left. 

The numbers are alarming. With these alarming numbers, it is scarier to know about Hosakerehalli lake being turned into a dumping site. Hosakerahalli Lake is a beautiful 52-acre lake that needs all of our support. It has the chance of being one of the great case studies of India.

The adjacent areas of Hosakerehalli lake in Bangalore have been turned into a garbage dumpsites. The area has been stinking and people are unable to breathe fresh air impacting their health and environment. The source of this garbage dumping is mainly household waste and commercial waste. 

It was brought to our attention by the residents of the area Rachna, Bhoomika and Adarsh, who also run a community club known as the Unicorn Art Club. The club has been active in conducting cleanups previously in the city.

This dump concerned them and thus they began with an initiative to protect and revive the lake. Now they seek support from citizens that will help bring back the ecosystem around the lake and make the environment a better place to live in. 

Thus, to protect the area from becoming a worse black spot and a garbage burning site we the Citizens for Hosakerehalli Lake are planning a series of events– like an awareness program and clean up drives around the lake.

If you would like to join the team and contribute to the cause, please click here and join the volunteer group to clean up the area. You can also write to us at with the Subject Link – Volunteer for Hosakerehalli Lake.

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