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In the lockdown period, Bengaluru’s air pollution dropped by over 40% in big part due to millions of vehicles being off the road. While this is not a permanent solution, there’s much to learn on how we can gradually make this a way of life.Over 40 of the world’s major cities have planned to go cycle and pedestrian-friendly, and it’s time we adopt a similar model — that’s citizen-friendly and also  pro-environment. We must not miss this window of opportunity to shift gears, and work towards a more sustainable city, rather than back to the old normal.


  1. We have made tremendous gains in air quality these last few months and must find ways to sustain this in the long-term. If NY, London, Berlin, Paris and others can, we can too.
  2. It is widely accepted by experts that this virus is not going to abate anytime soon and the only way to mitigate spread is by social distancing and personal hygiene.
  3. Public transport and Metro systems worldwide have seen an 80% decline in usage due to high transmission risks in them.
  4. Cycling/walking is a proven way to ensure public health and general well-being.

Do you want your ward to be cycling friendly?

To decision-makers prioritize the areas that can be made into cycling lanes, (in collaboration with BYCS) is mapping areas in Bengaluru.

Some moves in the right direction

Commitment form Bengaluru Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao for cycling lanes in Bangalore

Bengaluru Commissioner Bhaskar Rao acknowledges the value of vibrant cycling groups in the city. He along with commissioner of Department of Urban Land and Transport surveyed 17kms of outer ring road to assess the feasibility of developing cycling lanes. As an immediate step, at every 200m signages and bollards would be placed to mark the cycling lanes on the surveyed roads. This initiative is a pilot for more cycling lanes in the city. 

Bengaluru Airport announces campus will be open to cyclists, every Sunday between 6 -9 am.
BBMP Mayor and BBMP Commissioner express interest in cycling
Cycling retailers come on board to make Bengauluru a cycling-friendly city

Bengaluru's 'bicycle mayor' hopes to make city cycle-friendly post lockdown

On World Bicycling Day (June 3), a fresh campaign called upon Bengaluru's citizens to ditch their cars and bikes and buy bicycles. On March 29, during the early stages of the COVID-19 lockdown, a group of 75 volunteer cyclists came together in Bengaluru to deliver essentials to elderly persons living in different areas of the city.

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