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Cups4Cops towards sustainable India

Citizens and Bengaluru organizations are working to provide the police force and their families with 500 menstrual cups. This in turn positively impacts menstruators’ health and the environment, thus contributing to building an equitable, inclusive and sustainable India.

12.3 billion napkins end up in landfills every year. Each sanitary pad constitutes around 90 per cent of plastic waste, and due to improper disposal, they pollute our soil and water.

This improper management of sanitary waste leads to garbage burning and poses a risk of an infectious disease due to the release of dioxins in the air. Sanitary napkins also contain harmful chemicals leading to some menstruators suffering from rashes.

With these problems prevailing in the menstrual space, we have always been thinking about how we can support the Indian police, menstruators, and the environment. Fortunately, we contacted who is actively doing something about it. 

The Stonesoup team did a ground survey with the Indian Police Force of Bangalore. Many menstruators were not so comfortable speaking about the same but were happy to talk about the same at a later stage. Out of the whole survey, something that came out as the issue area was changing of pads and developing rashes while working for long hours. Therefore, we stepped in to support the team with our share of skill sets. and have now collaborated with an aim to provide a safe and healthy switch to sustainable menstrual practices for at least 500 people in and around the Indian Police Force. This includes police personnel as well as their families. With your support, we can reduce a minimum of 78,000 sanitary waste from landfills by donating cups to frontline workers and thus contributing to an equitable, inclusive and sustainable India. DONATE NOW!!

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