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Namma Kassa Namma Jayanagar


In the heart of Jayanagar, a picturesque neighbourhood’s 2nd block, known for its giant trees and charming atmosphere, a citizen-led initiative is taking shape to combat the adverse effects of waste on mental health and air pollution. While Jayanagar boasts broad roads, well-spaced footpaths, grocery shops, eateries, and parks, it is not immune to the growing issue of improper waste disposal.

Shwetha, a concerned citizen who recently moved to the area, voiced their frustration,, “I moved to this area 8 months ago, and all the litter & blackspots are frustrating. My kid refused to play outside because we could see wet waste, kid diapers, and menstrual pads on the streets, which is harmful to their health.”

Another volunteer says, “I noticed people weren’t segregating waste at source, leading to black spots in the area. I decided to go around the neighbourhood, asking if they had garbage collection problems. I noticed that most houses don’t give out the trash either because they have left for work or because the BBMP vehicle arrives very early in the morning when citizens are busy with home chores. Garbage collection is also not 100% because of the number of garbage autos and Pourakarmikas.

Waste Health and Environmental Risk

The accumulation of waste in the neighbourhood poses immediate health risks and contributes to air pollution. Unsegregated waste eventually reaches processing units, attracting rodents, houseflies, and mosquitoes visiting our houses as well. Unsegreagted Waste dumps are also burnt, emitting carbon emissions into the atmosphere and thus again affecting our air and health.

Citizens came together as Super Warriors to map Garbage Dumping

To tackle the issue, the Jayanagar Resident Welfare Association, BBMP,, and the Indian Ploggers Army have come together for a volunteer-led initiative to address the root causes of the waste crisis. The initiative mobilises citizens to map and actively identify nearby garbage spots to inform the neighbourhood and BBMP about black spots. This grassroots effort encourages residents to become “SuperWarriors” by joining the mission to clean up Jayanagar and spread awareness about the importance of source segregation.

30 Super Warriors take action in Bangalore

Thirty citizens from all over Bangalore joined the initiative,  with more than 90% being Jayanagar residents. With banners and placards, the citizens went from Samaja Seva Sangha, Jayanagar, towards Bangalore Cafe onto multiple crosses (10th-12th Cross) and back to Samaja Seva Sangha. During this hour-long activity, the citizens from different crosses signed up as community members, and the volunteers mapped the garbage spots on the tool to take it forward in the area. The BBMP is also a part of this Whatsapp group to attain the 100% mark of segregation and reduce pollution levels.

The initiative emphasises a phased approach, starting with removing garbage spots through citizen involvement and focusing on source segregation. Once a significant level of segregation is achieved, the group plans to collaborate with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to address broader waste management issues.

The citizens, community groups and NGOs believe collective action is key to achieving a cleaner and healthier Jayanagar. We invite you to be a part of the initiative if you reside in Jayanagar by filling out the form below.

You can also donate to the cause to mobilise more citizens and create activities to bring more people together for change. #SUPERWARRIOR

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