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“A lot of our textbooks teach us air and water pollution, but not climate change as a problem, the solutions, goals, and what needs to be done to combat it. Alternate sources of energy, sustainable developmental goals, important research works, Paris agreement, and others should be imparted in theory and practicals.”
Sampreetha S Kumar, FFF Karnataka

There is a need for a paradigm shift to create better spaces for education, and a habitat for better cultural solutions.

Ishan Agarwal, from Indian Climate Action

Main attraction for me and my friends was the live performance by the band Thermal and a Quarter. I like the theme of the whole festival and the idea of sustainability is something I am really excited about. I hope we all can contribute more to making our cities a better place to live in the future – Vishawas KB

“You’re encouraging people who are doing sustainable products and solutions, which is a needed thing right now.  Bangalore has a very active citizenship who are conscious and I would love to see more people participate”

Solid Waste Management Round Table

“We’re trying to re-engineer the aspirational narrative of owning a car and seed a new version in the mind of the public – one where we showcase a clear and visible vision of what a clean energy future looks like through shifting aspirations towards a fossil free future. We want to create a shared vision of what we want Bangalore to look like in the future. We’re using this positive vision to mobilize people to demand appropriate solutions for our city.”
Divya Narayanan, Campaigns Director

“We launched the #FutureCity in Delhi last year and now an even bigger edition in Bangalore. Our only aim is to get the citizens and people in power living in the cities to envision a better future and take steps towards it. Because if you don’t have the vision, you can’t work on creating it. Hopefully, we will get people from other cities as well to talk about their future city”
Rashmi, Campaigner,

I think it’s a great initiative that we have places like this open that promote sustainability and are looking to have community based activities to have a better future for tomorrow. I really appreciate the talks and the panel discussions that are happening because it’s a very educated point of view that’s coming into being. It’s also a great page to promote brands that are small businesses and sustainable and made locally in India”
– Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions

“You guys have come with something that is the need of the hour,and keeping people aware of the impact of climate change and what as individuals and citizens we can do is something that needs to be spread”
Rescript, a Sustainable Stationery Brand

With Future City Bengaluru we aim to feed the imagination of citizens and decision makers to think about what does that ideal future city look like, if we did everything right. We want to change the idea that future is gloomy to the future is bright and hopeful. And together, with cooperation between citizens, businesses, institutions and governments, we can make that possible.
Jacob Cherian, Director of Engagement,

We have artists like Thermal And A Quarter, Frizzell D’souza and Cinema of Excess coming together for the cause alongside civil society organisations and bodies such as ASAR, Purpose, Janaagaraha, Sensing Local, CSTEP, ITDP and DULT among others.Citizens get to be at stalls from sustainable brands, learn from people through talks, panels and workshops and hum to the tunes of Bengaluru’s favourite artists – all in celebration of #HasiruBengaluru
-Mitali Bhasin, Campaigner,

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