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Cycle to Metro

Citizens for Active Mobility

Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India, a city known for its innovation and dynamism grapples with a notorious issue: traffic congestion. On the 10th of September 2023, a group of passionate cyclists, concerned citizens, and community organizations rallied together to address this challenge and  spotlight the glaring deficiency in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in the city. In this blog, we will delve into the challenges Bangalore faces concerning infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, and the inspiring efforts made by a dedicated group of 20 individuals supported by 60 registrants to drive change.

The Problem: Traffic Congestion and its Impacts

Traffic congestion in Bangalore is a well-known predicament. The city’s bustling IT sector and rapid urbanization have led to an explosion in vehicular traffic. This has not only resulted in daily gridlocks but also affected air quality and public health. The demand for a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation has never been more pressing. 

Dimpu, the founder of The Mobility Agenda, after multiple meetings with the Traffic commissioner of Bangalore, garnered the support of the Traffic cops and rallied over 60 citizens,  on the 10th of September, 2023, to create a cyclist-friendly city. 

Their determination stemmed from a desire to combat traffic congestion and raise awareness about the urgent necessity for improved cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. Despite the early hours, more than 20 individuals took to the streets to support this noble cause.

The Initiative: Cycling for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The initiative, spearheaded by The Mobility Agenda in collaboration with the Traffic Police of Bangalore, CFAM (Council for Active Mobility),, and, commenced at 7:30 AM on 10th Sept morning. The objective was simple yet powerful: to cycle a 6-kilometer route through the city to amplify the message of sustainable mobility and respect for cyclists.

The cycling event was not merely a leisurely ride through the city; it was a clarion call for action. The participants rallied around three key demands:

  1. Last Mile Connectivity: Emphasizing the need for seamless transitions between home, cycling, buses, metros, and back home to  encourage more people to embrace sustainable modes of transportation.
  1. Safe Footpaths and Cyclist-Friendly Streets: Prioritizing safety, they urged the creation of secure pedestrian walkways and dedicated cycling lanes wherever feasible, ensuring that everyone can travel without fear.
  1. Addressing Illegal Parking: Illegal parking in residential areas is a significant concern, hampering traffic flow and posing safety hazards. The participants urged authorities to address this issue systematically.
The Power of Unity and Change

Initiatives like this serve as a testament to the power of unity and collective action. When concerned citizens come together to address pressing issues, change becomes a tangible possibility. It’s a reminder that a city’s development isn’t solely the responsibility of policymakers but also its residents.

The message is clear: Bangalore deserves better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. The city’s residents are eager for change, and they are ready to pedal their way towards a sustainable, congestion-free future. The ride on September 10th, 2023, was a remarkable stride toward change. It demonstrated that even the most formidable challenges can be surmounted when a community unites with a shared vision. It’s time for Bangalore to prioritize sustainable mobility and create a city where cycling and walking are safe and accessible for all.

If you would like us to continue working for a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable India, please support by donating to our work.

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