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Creating a Report-back Mechanism for Partners

The Challenge

Internal efforts are not always visible to partners. While working on one of our recent campaigns, we realised that partners don’t always understand the depth of effort that goes into running a full-suite campaign. That’s where we realised the importance of reporting back to partners as we do with our donors, petition signers and volunteers

The Solution 

An efficient, standardized and transparent mechanism in place to ensure effective report backs to partners with only the information that they need to know. We invited partners to help us understand what exactly they wanted to know

The nitty-gritty

We’re preparing detailed report backs for our partners and then getting feedback from them on the same. Here are some of the topics we’re covering:

  • Communications-
    • Emails sent- numbers, templates and tests done
    • Blog posts made with links to them
    • Instagram posts made and link to them
    • Instagram Live sessions conducted and link to the IGTV of the same
    • Number of Videos and reels made with link to where they’re posted
    • Press release made- languages and number of media houses that we reached out to
  • Fundraising-
    • Numbers and complete analysis of what worked and what did not
    • Payouts done and frequency of the same

Your thoughts

Have you developed your own feedback mechanism for your partners?  Do you have any learnings you’d like to share? Do write to us, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can incorporate those learnings into building an effective report back template that augments our organisational goals for transparency 🙂

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