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Update: #Care4Care

In the month of April we launched #Care4Care, which was designed  to support Carers– people who care for others. We would like to take an opportunity to thank all our donors and partners for making this happen. If you wish to support us to further our work, please donate here.

In this this blog post we will offer you an up-to-date tracker of the #Care4Care campaign. This is what we’ve done so far.

Counselling sessions
Led by the Centre for Social Research and Development, we hosted counselling sessions for Covid-19 volunteers, who are suffering from anxiety during this tough time. The sessions were either group sessions or individual sessions, depending  on the needs  of the volunteer. The names of the individuals and groups were kept anonymous.

In this last one month, we have conducted 18 sessions with 103 attendees (including repeat attendees) spread over their groups. Here’s a video message from the Counsellor that you can watch.

Covid Relief Packages
We distributed our first relief package to the Relief Riders team across India, who are out to support senior citizens and vulnerable people (including those with medical conditions) with supplies they might need. The relief package included masks, shields, gloves, sanitizers and a note of In Solidarity.

We distributed our second relief package of 500 with the ASHA workers, who are a team of Social Healthcare Activist. The kits included masks, shields, gloves, sanitizers and a note of In Solidarity.

We distributed our third relief package of 20 kits with a volunteer group based out of Delhi. Each package included lavender candles, self care affirmation postcard picture, Amul dark chocolate, polaroid picture, handwritten note, box of Organic India Tulsi Sleep Tea bags

Thank you everyone for making this happen. We are on a mission to support more volunteer groups out there, please support us by donating here.

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