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Sundarbans Ponds Restoration has begun

The restoration work on the first two ponds has been completed with the help of the funds that people like you donated for the people of Sundarbans. You can view the GPS coordinates for the ponds attached with the pictures below.

The Sundarbans was devastated by cyclones, the pandemic and a full moon high tide in the month of March 2021.

In the month of May, we came across a team,, that was supporting low-connectivity NGOs based in rural India to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Through this association, we came across KSCH and SKI, which were two organisations based out of Kolkata and were supporting the people of Sundarbans with pandemic and cyclone relief packages. came along with the team to raise a portion of funds that will help the community with two immediate support rations and tarpaulins support.

With the help of our members, we were able to raise 3L which was used to distribute 750 meals and 600 tarpaulins. 

Going forward, and KSCH want to create a bigger impact around the Sundarbans. Climate change has been directly affecting the Sundarbans because of more frequent and fierce cyclones and high tides. Thus one way in which we can build resilience around this issue is by planting mangroves and supporting people to desalinate their agricultural land. 

Mangrove planting will help stabilise the coastline and desalinating the water will help the people of Sundarbans to start their agriculture sooner and therefore have a direct impact on their livelihood. This will help them to bring back their way of earning. 

Support the community at Sundarbans by donating here

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