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On 30th June 2021, we hosted a webinar on Kitchen Gardening along with Khushbu Gaur. The webinar aimed at demonstrating 10 plants that you can grow in your kitchen. 

The session was hosted by Khushbu Gaur, a mother and Gardener from Noida. She has been growing her own garden for the past 3 years. Jacob Cherian anchored the session with Chiku Agarwal as the Chat manager. 

The session was attended by 52 audience members. The session recordings can be found on our Youtube channel and slides here. These slides will help you to grow 10 plants easily at home. Use these slides as a handbook which will help you grow nutrition full plants.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and shared some great insights on the topic. We also encourage you to share your kitchen garden by tagging us on our social media @jhatkaadotorg and #jhatkaa_sustainability.

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