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Pipes against PPM

On 27th December 2020, we hosted our last event of the year with our partner DND circle, an instrument artist group. Jacob, Director of Engagement at and Dhruv from the DND Circle were present at the venue.

There were 2 volunteers on-ground for logistic and event support. The aim of the event was to increase awareness on Air Pollution among people. The lungs were used to record the current AQI of that place and over a period of 3 months that turned completely into dark grey.  This experiment was done to showcase people the bad quality of air that we are breathing and how we can make it better by choosing sustainable options.

The event was attended by 400+ audiences.

Join us for our campaigns and let’s build an Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable India.

To join the Air Pollution weekly meet, come and meet us at Church Street on the Weekend and witness the Lungs installed till 28th February.

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