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Public pressure created by members like you and court order forced the Neb Sarai police station to file an FIR in a sexual harassment case.

Honestly, this campaign has seen it all — alleged bribes, police threats and even a Corona pandemic!

It was very important that the FIR was lodged before Delhi shuts down the following precautions against the Coronavirus. Police have been evading the case for over six months now and a court shutdown would have meant more financial burden on the complainant.


I still remember the day when the complainant called me late one night with police trying to barge into her house. She was scared for herself and for her infant daughter.

That was the night we knew we needed to put more pressure on the authorities to take this case forward. We wrote letters to the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) who in turn directed the Commissioner to file a report.

I made calls to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, South asking him why the case wasn’t filed. While members like you were supporting us online, we continued to take your voice to police and ministries to act.

This is not an isolated victory for us.


This came at the time when we needed a push to keep our spirits high during the times of global chaos. This assured us in many ways, that mobilisation and public solidarity can stand the test of time.


We want to take the energy and motivation from this victory over to the coming year — We are set to launch a long-term strategic campaign to increase gender-sensitivity among the police in India.

Let’s together make sure we aim for the highest standards of women’s safety in India. Sign up here for regular updates and petition:

We need public advocacy now more than ever. And if the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything – it’s that it’s going to take all of us coming together to get through tough times. Let’s keep fighting for justice and the women in our country.


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