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FAQs: Care4Care

1. Can I have some more detail about what happens once I have connected with the volunteer group and gotten their details? 
Here are the steps once a stock of 10 groups’ information is gathered:
a) Assessment: Once you, and the other volunteers have collected details of at least 10 relevant groups, and we know for certain that they are genuinely in need of help, we will assess how best we can assist them. This assessment will be based on a combination of time, funds and by doing a comparison with what other groups’ need– for example, if another group needs some sort of medical equipment, then this would be a priority compared to someone that wants a new mouse for their online work. From the first round, over the past 2 weeks, that we (at did with 3 volunteer groups that we regularly work with, this was the list of items that they wanted:
Counselling for dealing with mental stress and grief; Care Packages; Chocolates; Sharing group’s content on our social media; Structure to work flow; Masks, Gloves; PPEs, for on-ground workers; Oximeters.
b) Procurement of support: We will then go out and find out the best possible combination of supplies within our budget. A care package could be a combination of a seat cushion for their work desk, or masks for on-ground work, or wrist supports for keyboard and mouse usage, actual tech equipment like a mouse or earphones, or simply chocolates to soothe the soul. We don’t know what each group needs (and we will not judge them for what they need). These kind of physical solutions can be delivered via whichever e-commerce delivery platform works best. However, sometimes the need is more complex and needs some digging.
For example, from the assessment we did with the first 3 groups, we saw that counselling was the number 1 priority for all 3 groups. When volunteers try to find oxygen/beds/ICU/drugs for patients, and then the patients actually die, the volunteers tend to take it upon themselves and this can be understandably traumatizing. Therefore we recruited the CSDR to host 3 sessions each for 3 of the groups. Between Sunday (2nd May) morning and Tuesday (4th May) evening, 31 volunteers from 3 groups went through 3 separate sessions led by Bhoomika Halemane, the MD of Center for Social Research & Development and her team.
Tailoring such a solution for volunteer groups can only come from deep and thorough conversations with volunteer groups– like we did before we recruited CSDR. 
c) Post delivery of support: We will then gather feedback on the support that has been given out. 
2. Will the counselling sessions and resources be coming from 
Yes, the resources would be coming from our end. Also, we have a group of Experts from Center for Social Research & Development for the Counselling Sessions
So if you know any such group please feel free to write an email with contact details to with Subject line “#Care4Care Requirement”.  
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