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There is a sense of helplessness that comes with the Lockdown. For people that are used to some on-ground action, it sometimes feels like there is not much we can do for the planet if we can’t go out and plant some trees or clean up a lake.

On Earth Day 2020, April 22nd 5 to 6pm IST, we will show you can participate in the movement of your choice from home. In a one hour closed session, we will be giving participants a primer on everything that you can do while locked up at home, over the internet. Join some of’s top campaigners to learn how you can contribute to the planet either from within existing legal processes, or via external pressure on decision makers.

In this session you will learn the Whats and Hows of filing an FIR (first information report), a PIL (public interest litigation) and a hands-on practical guide to RTI (Right to Information) filing. You will also learn the fundamentals of a Digital Strike, Petitioning and Call Campaigns. All of these are going to be a combination of theoretical and practical.

This session is going to give you a preview of the larger certificate course– Toolbox for Democracy– in case any of you want to gain some real expertise in any of these areas.

How you can prepare for the session

  1. Come prepared with string, cello tape, a pen/paints, notepad and a large chart sheet / paper to make a signboard

  2. An active Twitter account

  3. Decide for yourself what cause you feel strongly about.

What participants can expect

  1. Be a part of a Twitter Storm

  2. Take part in an Online Petition

  3. Participate in a Digital Strike

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