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On Sunday, 25th Sept 2022, World Tourism Day, The Indian Ploggers Army, Sarakki Lake Area Improvement Trust and conducted an awareness drive with citizens around Sarakki Lake, JP Nagar 7th Phase. 

This drive aimed to ask citizens how they can reduce or minimise the waste created by them while travelling. It was also a program initiated 

25+ citizens joined the event. The event was also supported by BBMP of JP Nagar Puttenhalli Lake. There were 15+ spectators from the audience who got involved as well. With the efforts of citizens and BBMP, we collected 40 bags. 

A few days ago, Bangalore Mirror reported about the Kothanur Lake, which was again being polluted, which resulted in killing the water body and animals. This itself is not only an issue for the environment but also for human life. 

It is we the citizens, who have to come together for a better and inclusive environment. The citizen’s involvement can create a lot of changes in society. The event was also covered by the Bangalore Mirror team.

SLAIT team President Dr Bhat told Bangalore Mirror, ”The volunteers had also conducted a similar drive last year. The BBMP has appointed a few workers for the maintenance of the lake. I must thank all the volunteers who gathered around the lake to remove the single-use plastic.”

If you want to join events like this, please sign up as a volunteer here. These activities in the long run contribute to an equitable, inclusive and sustainable India.

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