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The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been in the news a lot recently with the Ministry of Environment and Forest releasing a notification in March 2020. The draft that was released by the ministry is heavy on jargon and not very accessible to citizens.  On Friday, May 22, we hosted a webinar on EIA in partnership with Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG). The aim of the session was to understand the rules governing forest cover and environmental protection in our country.

EIA webinar

Webinar Expectations

Answers to basic questions such as:

  1. What is EIA and which are the industries that require this clearance?
  2. Which is the ministry that is responsible for its implementation and when did it first come to effect?
  3. What are the topline concerns of the draft EIA notification 2020?
  4. Why is it necessary for us to act, despite being in lockdown?
  5. Why are we demanding to scrap the EIA notification 2020?
  6. What should a fair and just environmental impact assessment have?
  7. What role does a citizen play in public consultation and how much of an impact does it create?
  8. Do the new amendments in the March 2020 notification apply to new projects as well?

Resource persons

Niraj Bhat, Sharadha Narayanan, and Aakanksha Tiwari from the CAG team in Chennai are the panelists for this session. They have done significant work around thermal plants and their impact on the environment.

Reading Material

Food for thought

‘Write to your elected representatives and let them  know that you are not happy with them tinkering with the environment

– Niraj Bhatt 

Understand that from the zero draft to the present notification, the laws around environmental protection has only weakened and made it easier for business to plunder natural resources


– Sharadha Narayanan

Creating awareness is the first step in creating change, let us make environmental conservation dinner table conversation


– Aakanksha Tiwari

With over 150 registrations and 72 participants, the webinar was successful given that everyone who attended left knowing a little more about the environmental impact assessment and their respective roles in a public consultation.
If you missed the session, you can find:

  1. The recording here
  2. The presentation here
  3. The email asking for scrapping of EIA notification 2020 here

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