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Be the cycling hero your city needs

A recent study by TERI states that if bicycles substitute two-and four-wheelers used for short-distance trips in India, it can result in an annual benefit of Rs 1.8 trillion. But it’s not so much the economic benefits, as the environment. Reduced pollution from toxic emissions, fewer traffic jams and most importantly, a socially approved way of maintaining distance in a post COVID world.

Let’s face it — our cities are not bicycle-friendly. The movement has begun, and we need millions of citizens to rally behind it. Join the campaign to make India cycle-friendly. Change begins with us. 

Start the petition in your city demanding cycling infrastructure.  Here is a quick guide.

Step 1: Go to the link and search for your city name. 

Step 2: Click on “I’ll start a cycling petition in my city.

Step 3: Commit as a leader

Edit petition for your city

Step 6: Change the petition title to your city name.  Remove the decision-maker name from the petition and click save.

Sign up and get started

Step 7: Enter your name and email address and sign up. 

Step 8: Your petition is now been set up. Someone from will approve your petition. You can drop a message to informing that you have started the petition. 

Step 9: Share the petition widely among your networks. 

Once approved your petition can be seen here. Promote the petition actively in your circles, take it to social media to amplify the cause.

Tag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use the hashtag #ResetWithCycling to promote your petition on social media.

Check out one of our featured cycling petition from Bengaluru.


Reach out to or if you have any doubts.

To create more buzz sign our national petition.

Happy cycling!!

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