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Support For Sundarbans (COVID and Cyclone relief)

A pandemic, a cyclone and a full moon high-tide have coincided to create a disaster of catastrophic proportions in West Bengal. This has resulted in at least one crore people being affected and three lakh houses becoming uninhabitable.

In the month of June we are working with the Rural Response Tracker team to help #SupportSundarbans. The Rural Response Tracker is an initiative by Agami that aims to bridge the gap between urban and rural covid response. Run almost entirely by volunteers, they have listed more than 720 Rural India initiatives that need immediate action.

Two of such initiatives that are in urgent need of support are Kolkata-based NGOs Stronger Kolkata Initiative (SKI) and Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage (KSCH).
In this blog post we seek to bring your attention and support to the people of West Bengal.
Read about our partners here:

Support Rural West Bengal NOW!


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