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Go Solar: Switching to a Sustainable Form of Energy

Have you ever wondered how powering up the appliances around the house can be done in a more sustainable way, using renewable sources of energy? The answer you’re looking for is solar energy. Simply put, Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy either through photovoltaic (PV) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation. got together with U-SOLAR, on the 2nd of March, and organised a webinar  focused on educating people about the benefits of switching to solar energy as a more sustainable form of energy. Chiku Agarwal, the Senior Engagement Associate at, facilitated this webinar at Airpol along with our Campaigns Manager, Naayan, as the chat manager and Anaan, Engagement and communications intern, as the question moderator. 

The Business manager at USolar, Mr. Sandipan Das as well as Mr. Chockalingam Muthiah, a business man with 18 years experience working on self sufficiency in food, water and power, graciously signed on as our key speakers.

A 35 member webinar sat through the discussion where Mr. Sandipan Das elaborated on the need to go solar and its environmental & economic benefits. He listed out the various types of solar systems and technology available in the market, explaining each one with minute detail. He attended to any questions that came his way and took participants through the process of installing a solar panel, the frequency of cleaning and other instructions.
Mr. Chockalingam Muthiah also shared his experience and knowledge on solar energy. 

Towards the end of the webinar, the facilitators at shared a form for interested participants to fill, to aid USolar and get in touch with interested candidates for assistance with the process of the installation of a solar panel, and in taking the step towards making our environment more sustainable.

If you are interested in making this impactful change to our environment, you can fill this form for us to get in touch with you regarding the same. 


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