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On-ground at Church Street, Bangalore


Our famous lungs installation is up on Church Street in Bangalore, which is now vehicle free on weekends. The streets are filled with musicians, dancers, eco-friendly start-ups and cafe tables. All of this is being supported by strict pandemic guidelines of masks and screening of everyone coming through the street.

The lungs installation is up and breathing, along with a live air quality monitor. The data gathered from this device clearly shows that the air quality which usually stands at well over 100 on the AQI index, falls to below 65 when just 1 street goes car-free for 2 days.

Go check it out for yourself!

We have some fun events lined up on Church Street in the coming weeks. Let your friends and family in Bangalore know! In this LIVE Blogpost we will be updating events as and when they happen.

Pipes Against PPM: 26th December 2020

Two different teams of didgeridoo and djembe players united on Church Street, to enthral audiences on Boxing Day (26th December). We had over 450 people gather around 6 performances, led by 4 djembe players and 2 didgeridoo players.
This time we printed out QR codes for our campaigns which worked really well. We got almost a 100 sign-ups for our campaigns. Lohith, Naved and Pradeep joined us on ground for the event as volunteers.

Beatboxers for Breath: 28th November, 2020

We had a fun event with Bengaluru’s hip hop community coming together to ask for Clean Air. Beatboxers and hip-hop dancers converge on the location last weekend, to generate awareness on air pollution.

Over 150 audience members came together to watch 4 beatboxers and 2 b-boy dancers, across 5 performances on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. A shout out to Beatboxers Abhishek, Cliff and Richard, and B-boy artists Shane and Peter for bringing the mad energy to the floor. A special mention for Lohith and Naved, our volunteers that took care of the artists, audience members and press alike.

Watch the Mirror Now coverage by journalist Sreeja here.

Watch the event video here, or below:


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Storytelling for Clean Air: 6th December, 2020

Priya Muthukumar (Storipur) is a professional storyteller that focuses almost exclusively on the environment. When we heard about her, we had to have her over on Church Street to capture the imaginations of young environmentalists. She kicked off with a group of 8 children and 10 parents, which soon became a captive audience because it began to rain for the rest of the afternoon.

Nevermind, Priya pulled numerous stories and props from her magic bag. One of the children was so inspired that he took the stage and did a storytelling session of his own!

Watch the Live Stream of the event here.



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