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Newsletters to subscribe to!

Remember the good old days when we thought social media was going to inundate us all with all the weird and wonderful things happening all over the internet? And instead we got politicians, marketers, journalists, dopamine manipulators, weathervane journalists, Russian hackers, fake news, doxxing, gaslighting and such delights? That was a bit disappointing. Which is possibly why podcasts and then email newsletters have acquired second lives of late. So here are some newsletter curated by us to help you relax and be up to date.

1. Feminist Giant

On a daily basis, Mona Eltahawy curates news of patriarchal shenanigans and feminist resistance to them on Twitter. These stories come from all over the world. She compiled those selections into a newsletter instead. You will receive an original essay written by Mona Eltahawy once a week, and it will be on some contemporary feminist issue. You will be able to get up to speed on feminism around the world by subscribing to the FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter.
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2. rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is an energetic and growing team, rewriting the rules of the world’s waste problem. Establishing ourselves as a market leader and scaling up our solutions, we are continually pushing the needle towards environmental impact that changes the way the world uses plastic. Their newsletter contains helpful tips on managing your own waste.
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3. The Alipore Post

The Alipore Post is a newsletter that is written by Rohini Kejriwal and it features art, poetry, and music that is sourced from obscure parts of the internet on a weekly basis. In addition to being referred to by Rohini as her very own online journal, this platform enables users to publish their work and serves as a reliable venue for showcasing the dynamic creative community that exists online. This newsletter is the realisation of that long-held dream.
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4. Extra Focus

Extra Focus is a newsletter by Jesse J. Anderson on ADHD. They write about ADHD and help others learn how their brain works so they can find the focus they need to thrive. This newsletter helps you understand your brain’s unique wiring . Every Tuesday, you get thoughts and strategies on ADHD to help you better manage your time, energy, and motivation.
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5. The 3-2-1 Newsletter

One of the most read newsletters worldwide is the 3-2-1 Newsletter. This newsletter is written by James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits. The most recent issue is distributed to nearly 2,000,000 recipients every Thursday. Each message contains 3 brief thoughts from myself, 2 quotes from other people, and 1 thought-provoking question.
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