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On a 11th January, Saturday morning we were out and about in Indiranagar with two teams, armed with an air pollution mask, two notepads and a 100 masks.

Our aim was to convince people to adopt the mask-wearing lifestyle, part of our larger goal to fight air pollution and its impacts on climate change.

Volunteers on site were Sourab, Abhijeet, Naveed, Seshu and Falah. Jacob from Team

We demonstrated air quality, and addressed high-risk individuals on the street 


Some thoughts from the de-briefing session:

> Some people want to know where to buy it from again. So how do we give people a quick and easy way to get more?

> Instead of teams of 3, teams of 2 are enough, where:

Person A carries Masks, AQM and Engages

Person B takes details on their notepad and shoots content on their phones

> We could do a vendor campaign

> Some people think that wearers are diseases. Hence there was resistance from autodrivers and street food vendors.

> We need to turn the monologue into a dialogue

> Maybe we put some of the required communication on to a t-shirt/placard

> Don’t start with “please give 2 minutes”, you’re not asking for a favour, you are doing them a favour. Your body and voice should convey exactly that, without explicitly saying it.

> We need to lock down on 3 or 4 strong opening statements or questions

> BBMP specific distribution

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