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According to UN data each cremation requires half a ton of wood. In the month of April Delhi alone saw more than 14000 cremations which leaves the capital 7716 trees short.

In the month of July,  we will be partnering with BiotaSoil Foundation with an aim to plant over 2000 saplings to commemorate the lives of the people we’ve lost to Covid-19. The #Kommasandra_Planting drive shall also revive the “Garden City”.

Biotasoil Foundation is a NGO run by professionals focusing on afforestation. With them, we aim to cover 2 acres of Kommasandra with 2000. Biotasoil team’s  10.5 years of experience in creating self-sustaining forest ecosystems will be used to the fullest here.

So come celebrate the lives of the ones we’ve all lost by sponsoring the logistics, planting and maintenance of new trees, and let’s together replace the 1000s of trees that have been lost in the recent past. ₹300/- covers the cost of one sapling’s logistics, planting and maintenance for 3 years.

On our mission for a more sustainable India you can support the planting activity by donating here.

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