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The world has experienced the largest spike in ship emissions in more than ten years this year. the environmental damage brought on by the gifts themselves, which may include quick fashion that contributes to pollution, plastic toys generated from fossil fuels, or sweets that encourage deforestation.

However, you may show your loved ones that you care while simultaneously taking good care of our common home. Here are some suggestions for gifts that you can use!

1) Virtual Subscriptions

Knowing how to give a good virtual gift — one that is more personalised than a Visa gift card — is an important life skill. Whether you live in different states or practise social distancing, you won’t always be able to celebrate with loved ones in person. If you forget about a loved one’s birthday until the last minute, a digital gift is the way to go.

Digital gifts and subscription boxes are perpetual gifts. A grocery delivery or electric toothbrush subscription can relieve the stress of public outings at a time when everyone is trying to stay at home. And, if you’re spending the holidays apart from a loved one, gifting a streaming service means plenty of binge-watching content for zoom catchups!

2) Tree Saplings

If you’re having trouble deciding what to get your friends and family this year, consider giving the gift of trees. Although it is not the most fashionable or expensive gift, a tree can be an excellent choice for families and friends who value beauty and nature.

One of the most important reasons to give someone a lovely shade, fruit, or nut tree for the holidays is that trees make lovely additions to homes. Healthy trees can add a lot of curb appeal to ordinary or plain properties, and they can also serve as a beautiful focal point. They add to the overall beauty of the property and create a sense of calm.

3) A mushroom garden

Why cultivate mushrooms? Some people appear to believe that mushroom cultivation is a difficult mystery. Others consider it an activity best suited to closets and dorm rooms.

However, did you know that mushroom cultivation can be a rewarding and eye-opening experience? Growing mushrooms, no matter what type or how you do it, can enrich your life in a variety of ways. Gift your friends a grow your mushrooms at home kit!

4) A bookstore subscription

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: patronise your neighbourhood independent bookstore. Most adults who enjoy reading understand that supporting their local bookstore is a good thing to do. We all know that supporting local businesses of all kinds is beneficial because a larger portion of your money stays in the community, there is less packaging, and you reduce your carbon footprint. And one of the best ways to support your local bookstore is to give a membership to a loved one.

5) A local experience

Gift experiences are more meaningful, surprising, and often have a greater impact. There are numerous reasons to consider providing an experience. Gift experiences are a fantastic idea for anyone you’re looking to buy something for. A local experience will allow your loved one to explore their community in a new way.

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