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As Covid lockdown ended across the country a few months ago,, daily activities resumed and people started coming out on the streets again. 


In Bangalore, BBMP ward marshals, traffic policemen and others have been at the forefront of ensuring people are following essential pandemic protocol like wearing masks. At, we wanted to do our bit to ensure these frontline warriors are adequately protected themselves. A few weeks ago, we distributed over 5000 masks to these warriors.

We gave masks to BBMP commissioner Manjunath Prasad to express our gratitude. We also distributed masks to traffic policemen, who are not only at an increased risk of COVID but also vulnerable to the ill effects of air pollution. 

This outreach also led us to meet the BBMP’s Chief Engineer P. Vishwanath. We’re excited to see the work we can do together in the months to come, to make Bangalore a cleaner and more sustainable city. 

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  • Sandra Isolene Haridas
    Posted December 18, 2020 11:12 pm 0Likes

    Thank you for working so well towards bringing the widespread pandemic to a halt. Wearing masks,keeping safe distances,keeping up with the guidelines from WHO,etc are key in maintaining good health and safety guidelines. Above all testing and distributing of the vaccine can be dealt with in a more purposeful and authoritative manner. Despite our nation having being blessed by God Almighty’s grace and fortitude we can be said to be given to criticism,gossip,bad blood,Revengeful tactics, especially breaking the ice and being tolerant of people of other castes,creeds,beliefs,races,religious backgrounds,language barriers,etc can be problematic at the GRASSroots level. Due to so much population in our country-India, water supply, hygenic sanitation,disposal of unwanted waste products,clean and hygenic drinking water, water for washing,cooking,etc can be of critical value and importance! Having food from open sidewalk stalls where the drains remain open or the roadblocks all over due to ongoing building of Roads,transportation,Rail, underground Metro Rail,etc could cause traffic jams,air pollution,random accidents,loss of life and limb. We can lose lives due to hazardous practices in offices,factories,manufacturing units without proper safety MEASURES incorporated. The countless beggars that beg for alms on thr roadside,disabled,Malnourished,acutely deformed,etc are too painful to imagine let alone see. Despite all this if India is a country of solidarity then we should also eradicate female infanticide,unwanted births,Forced labour,child marriage,child and other sex trafficking,Rape, Molestation,gender biases,Rape of minors

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