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As Covid lockdown ended across the country a few months ago,, daily activities resumed and people started coming out on the streets again. 


In Bangalore, BBMP ward marshals, traffic policemen and others have been at the forefront of ensuring people are following essential pandemic protocol like wearing masks. At, we wanted to do our bit to ensure these frontline warriors are adequately protected themselves. A few weeks ago, we distributed over 5000 masks to these warriors.

We gave masks to BBMP commissioner Manjunath Prasad to express our gratitude. We also distributed masks to traffic policemen, who are not only at an increased risk of COVID but also vulnerable to the ill effects of air pollution. 

This outreach also led us to meet the BBMP’s Chief Engineer P. Vishwanath. We’re excited to see the work we can do together in the months to come, to make Bangalore a cleaner and more sustainable city. 

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