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Tribal communities need economic relief urgently

The government announced a national lockdown in March and a lot changed. While millions of communities were affected, little attention was paid to the plight of tribals and forest dwellers. 

Adivasi communities constitute a quarter of India’s population.  They continue to be the most poor and marginalized section of society despite being protectors of the natural heritage .

Unfortunately they have been left out of the mainstream development folds and have time and again been forced to change their way of living.

Their situation was not very different during the COVID 19 pandemic and the subsequent lock down.

Adivasi community’s struggle is currently multi layered: 

  1. The relief money assigned to them as part of the Atma Nirbhar plan has been redirected to forest departments for their use. 
  2. Lot of them continue to live in the fear of being evicted. And being displaced far off with no access to either forests or fertile lands
  3. The central government’s decision to commercialize coal is a direct attack on their constitutional rights
  4. If the draft EIA notification 2020 is passed in the coming months, the brunt of it will be faced by the tribals.

It is time we stood up for our fellow Indians and ask the government for a development plan that is sustainable and inclusive of all.

Join us in pressurizing the Ministry of Environment (MoEF) and Tribal Affairs (MoTA) to do the right thing! 

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  • shweta
    Posted July 21, 2020 9:06 pm 0Likes

    good luck

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