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5 Steps to Start Your Birding Journey

Have you noticed yourself staring out the window more than usual lately? Do the chirping of birds distract you and make you want to go outside? Do you want to know more about these colorful creatures? Well, you can get started today! 

1. Look outside your window

Just take a look outside to start bird watching! Get a sense of your natural surroundings and search for bird nests, greenery, and other wildlife. Try to take in what you’re looking at rather than just taking in your surroundings. You’ll frequently discover that you’ve been missing beauty that has been there all along.

2. Check out your local bird guide

Familiarise yourself with birds in your locality so that you can spot them and understand them. Additionally, it enables you to narrow down the overwhelming number of birds in your guide by focusing on a small group of them to identify and keep an eye out for initially. Who doesn’t enjoy crossing items off of lists. 

3. Invest in binoculars

An avid birder’s best buddy are binoculars. They are crucial for spotting fine details in up-close birds and recognising birds in the distance. A good set of binoculars should be in your possession. This entails, for instance, making sure the binoculars’ magnification suits your preferences and making sure their weight is manageable for long periods of time.

4. Bring the birds home

It is time to bring some birds to your garden once you have the necessary equipment and are aware of what to look for in avian visitors. Adding a bird feeder to your property, whether it be one you build yourself or one you buy, can attract a kaleidoscope of brilliantly coloured songbirds.

5. Make birding friends

Make contact with other birders in your neighbourhood. They can share your interest and passion about birds, which is one of the things that makes birding so much fun. Start with ornithological societies and birding clubs. There are also fantastic Facebook and social media groups where you may connect with other bird enthusiasts.

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  • Mahesh Easwer
    Posted September 17, 2022 7:44 am 0Likes

    Yes agree started The same way and after some time the results are amazing you are so familiar with their calls , habitat. Your ears are always tuned to their calls and the excitement when you hear the calls no matter where you are what you are doing you tend to rush and capture the view. Birding is a great experience and absolutely calms your mind a great way to engage your self. It gives you a great understanding of nature works.

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